Mindstreams Assessment

So your physician has ordered a Mindstreams Assessment. What is it?

MindStreams® is an advanced computerized cognitive testing system administered in your physician’s office that is a practical way to evaluate your cognitive health.

Why did my healthcare provider order this?

Unlike many in-office, non-computerized methods of cognitive assessment, MindStreams® will allow a physician or psychologist to assess cognitive deficits earlier in the disease state, before a patient’s disease has progressed too far.

How is the information used? How does it work?

After an initial patient visit, a physician orders a MindStreams® testing session. MindStreams® is then administered by a technician and the results are delivered immediately to the physician at the end of the testing session, for interpretation. MindStreams® assesses the patient’s cognitive function by precisely measuring the patient’s performance on a series of interactive tests – revealing both the accuracy of the responses and the patient’s cognitive function by measuring the reaction times in milliseconds. Then, using standard algorithms MindStreams® generates the results in comparison to that patient’s “normative” peer group (i.e., age and education level).

What is assessed? How is it presented?

MindStreams® tests Memory, Executive Function, Attention, Information Processing, Visual Spatial, Motor Skills, and Verbal Function. The test is very patient-friendly and requires little orientation. Although the test is performed on a computer, it does not require the patient to know how to use one. Testing time ranges from 12 to 60 minutes, depending on the tests selected.

Mindstreams Assessment by Neurotrax